Home is where the hearth is. And the heat. But did you know you can be paid to heat your home? Keep reading to find out more.

What if you could be paid to heat your home?

Did you know excess heat is a profitable asset? Discover how you can turn heat into profit with Hestia.

Our patented Hestia furnace offers a simple, fast and reliable way to generate heat within your home. Oh, and did we mention it can cut your heating bills by up to 100%?

Reduce your heating expenses

Harness excess heat generated by high-performance computing to keep your service spaces, offices and warehouses warm all year round.

Cut your harmful emissions

Make sustainability your priority by integrating eco-friendly heating alternatives with your operations. Adopting environmentally responsible methods can reduce your carbon footprint.

Excess heat = profitable energy

Did you know excess heat is a profitable asset? Discover how your business can monetize surplus heat by redistributing it to local enterprises and communities.

Proud to work with the best


Our partners rely on us for efficient and sustainable heating solutions. Here’s what they have to say.

"My shop is filled with consumables and we are constantly moving inventory in and out of the 6 bay doors, any hour of the day in any temperature. The pressurizing nature of the Hestia furnace means the ice melts away from the doors instead of creeping in and across my floors causing slip hazards. The heat stays constant where we set it  and doesn't add to my operating costs in the winter.

Stephen Pike

Energy Lock Inc.

"We have a large industrial shop with multiple overhead doors that open and close all day long.  With our cold winters, our workers could never take their coats off in the shop.  With Hestia's furnace, the shop is warm when we come in the morning and warms up fast everytime we open and close the door."

Jack Crant

LCR Plus